Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Information

The Hyogo International Association (HIA) respects user privacy. Personal information is collected and stored in a manner designed to protect user privacy to the greatest possible extent according to the Privacy Policy outlined below.

1. Definition of Personal Information
Personal information refers to information such as addresses, names, phone numbers, and email addresses that can be used to identify individuals. This includes information that could be used to to identify individuals in combination with other information.

2. Personal Information Collected by This Website
The content provided by the HIA can be used without releasing personal information. However, personal information such as names and email addresses may be collected in certain cases, such as registration for mailing lists and surveys. In these cases, this information is collected with the express permission of the participant.
Furthermore, personal information obtained by the HIA may only be used by the purposes determined, and will not be provided to or used by others without the permission of the user.

3. Maintenance of Personal Information
Personal information obtained by the HIA will be carefully maintained by the administrator, and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that information will not be divulged, misappropriated, or falsified.

4. Scope of this Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to the Hyogo: The Heart of Japan website.