Sasayama Area

P1040662 P1040644Vivid red, orange, and yellow autumn leaves stand out in profusion at the temple Dōkōji in Sasayama area during mid-to-late November. With a history stretching back to 1354, Dōkōji has a serene feeling, further amplified by its remote location. After ascending stairs lined on either side with maple trees, the main complex is accessible past a small pond and bridge. The actual temple is rather modest, but the area around it stunningly beautiful in autumn, with a path on the outskirts of the temple offering a nice stroll.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC After any Dōkōji excursion, hitting up the nearby Ojiyama Park and Makekirai Inari Shrine central Sasayama wouldn’t be a bad idea. Both are also famous for their brilliant autumn leaves, as well as hilly paths that offer stunning views of the rural Sasayama city. In addition to the nature scenery, one path stretches through the tunnel of scarlet torii gates that lead to the Makekirai Inari Shrine’s central complex. The color of the torii gates also matches the autumn leaves in November, and contrasts sharply with the green leaves or brown branches of other seasons. Another good time to visit Makekirai Inari Shrine is on February 3rd, when a ceremony is held for the holiday setsubun from 10:00-22:00. Also, because of its high, west-facing position on a hill, Makekirai Inari makes for a great place to view sunsets.P1040668P1040686P1040708

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