Harima & Tajima Bus Tour

Event Announcement – Harima & Tajima Bus Tour

Notice – this event is now closed for applications.

Organized by HIA Friendship Society

-Short walk at Tonomine Highlands with beautiful view of Japanese pampas grass. The movie “Norwegian Wood” (based on Murakami Haruki book) was filmed on location here.
-Have fun with the kids panning for gold, silver and tin or searching for natural stones at Ikuno Silver Mine, which has produced a great amount of silver and bronze in the past 1200 years.
Let’s explore hidden attractive sightseeing spots of Hyogo with HIA!
*Schedule has been changed since the previous announcement.

Date: Saturday, October 20

Place: Tonomine Highland and Ikuno Silver Mine

Fee: Foreign Residents 4,500 yen, Child (4-12 years) 3,000yen, Child (3 years or under) Free

INCLUDES bus fare, entrance fee and lunch

Participants: 10 foreign residents (In total 40 people)

Only 10 spaces are available, so apply today!

Extra Information: HIA aims to promote mutual international understanding by providing a venue for international exchange. Join HIA Friendship Society members, who are keen to interact with foreigners and enjoy interacting with them and exploring local Hyogo. Guidance will be given both in Japanese and English. Further information and application form is below.

Application form: Bus Tour Flyer

Please send this form to Kana MATSUDA at the below contact information by email, fax, or postal mail:
Hyogo International Association, Kana MATSUDA
TEL 078-230-3267 / FAX 078-230-3280
Email: hia-info@net.hyogo-ip.or.jp
IHD Building, 2nd Floor
1-5-1 Wakinohama Kaigan-dori
Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 651-0073

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