Kinosaki Marine World

Hello, everyone! This post is for all of you who love adorable marine mammals. (Who doesn’t?) I was overcome by the cuteness during my visit to Kinosaki Marine World in northern Hyogo, and I think you will be too.

Kinosaki Marine World’s slogan is “more than an aquarium”, and it really is. The aquarium just underwent a major renovation, and in their new facility “Dive” you can, yes, swim with the dolphins. (My childhood dream!)

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Of course, one of the big attractions is the marine mammal show they put on every day. The show itself is a little cheesy, but I’m always impressed at how smart the animals are.

Hi, dolphins! Yes, I want to be your best friend too.

Here’s a walrus, just sitting around like he owns the place.

It’s always fun to watch the feedings. These seals are overly adorable, and they really want something to eat.

Of course, they know how to do tricks.

You can also get a great view of the aquarium staff swimming around with the fish.

Be sure to notice the totally gigantic ray hanging out to the left.

They also take the penguins on walks around the aquarium. This completely fascinated every small child in the vicinity.

Hi penguins!

And, finally, here’s some dolphins chilling out before their show. They get a nice view of the ocean.

If you want to get up close and personal with the dolphins, there are a few progams you can try:
1. Touch the dolphins (500 yen)
2. Practice being a dolphin trainer (1000 yen)
3. Swim with the dolphins (5000 yen) (Reservations needed)

A few recommendations of other things to do at the aquarium:
1. Fish! You can try your hand at fishing for aji (Japanese mackerel) and eat them too! (630 yen)
2. Take a backstage tour of the aquarium guided by one of the trainers. (1000 yen)
3. Immerse yourself in a 3-D underwater experience in their new “Dive” facility. (500 yen)

Kinosaki Marine World is a short bus ride from Kinosaki Onsen. Be sure to enjoy the pristine Sea of Japan beach at nearby Takeno this summer too!

Kinosaki Marine World
Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM (extended hours in mid-summer)
Address: 1090 Seto, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo, 669-6192
Telephone: 0796-28-2300
E-mail: Email form
Website: (Japanese)

How To Get There

Kinosaki Marine World
From Kinosaki Onsen: Take the Zentan Bus bound for Hiyoriyama (10 minutes, last stop).

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