Home’s Stadium – J League Soccer!

All right, everybody. Today’s post is for all the soccer fans out there.

I’ll be giving you an exclusive tour of “Home’s Stadium”, the home of Kobe’s J League Division 1 soccer team Vissel Kobe, as well as the Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers rugby team. Home’s Stadium was also the host of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

So why should you go? The Stadium is, of course, a great place to see a J League game, but it has a lot more going on. For example, the hugely popular women’s national soccer team Nadeshiko Japan is going to take on the Brazilian team there on April 5th. Not to be missed!

It’s also worth a visit to the Stadium because they happen to have a tour where you can see everything inside, right down to the players’ locker room.

Here’s what you see as you stroll up to the stadium. The field out front is a popular spot for the neighborhood kids to play.

The “Home’s” name comes from the real estate company “Home’s”, which bought the naming rights to the stadium several years ago.

Bam! Here’s the stadium from the inside.

On the day we visited, they were taking care of the field. Natural grass is used at Home’s Stadium.

The stadium has a retracting roof.

During the tour, they let you head right out onto the field. This is the entrance that the players use.

Here are the seats the players sit in. Apparently some of them complain about the low ceiling!

We got right up close to the grass, but (understandably) weren’t allowed on it.

Back inside, we got to see a few sights that are usually off-limits.

Here I am, sitting in a locker!

Here’s a room with a fascinating name.

And here’s the press room. This is where they have those interviews! You can see the sponsor logos in the background.

They also have several inside facilities for guests to enjoy. Here’s a restaurant with a unique view.

This is the VIP area.

They also have a fully-equipped gym and pool, as well as a gallery where you can learn all about the teams. With that and the restaurant, it’s an interesting place to spend the afternoon even when there isn’t a game on.

Home’s Stadium
Hours: Tours 11:30 to 14:00 on selected days, other days by reservation.
Address: 1-2-2 Misakicho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 652-0855
Telephone: 078-652-5656
Website: http://www.homes-stadium.jp/ (Japanese)

How To Get There

Home’s Stadium
From Sannomiya Hanadokeimae Station, take the Kobe Municipal Subway Kaigan Line to Misakikoen Station (about 10 minutes).

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