Awaji Onions & Okonomiyaki

Awaji Island is famous for its onions. Onions, you might say? Well, these are no ordinary onions. They’re gigantic and deliciously sweet – there really isn’t any of that characteristic sharp “oniony” flavor or smell.

Want to give them a try? Well, there’s a restaurant in Awaji where you can taste these onions, along with that characteristic Kansai (western Japan) savory pancake, okonomiyaki.

This restaurant is special, starting on the outside. The sign reads:

“Okonomiyaki and Dreams
Orange Apple
We’re serious about flavor”

That got us interested.  Inside, all four of us ordered okonomiyaki and the famous all-onion salad.

The onion salad was dressed with a light soy sauce and some bonito flakes. Inside was nothing but sweetness and crunchiness. Even the member of our group who claimed not to like onions was won over!

The okonomiyaki were served and sizzled away merrily on the grill right in front of us at our table. For those not familiar, okonomiyaki is a type of deliciously-caloried grilled dish made with a batter of wheat, egg, and cabbage. It contains the vegetable and meat ingredients of your choice and is decorated with a soy-flavored sauce.

The okonomiyaki at this establishment contained (appropriately) onions and pork. One okonomiyaki per diner turned out to be just perfect, and with that in our stomachs we continued on our Awaji-exploring adventure!

This restaurant is located right across the street from the famous Shinto shrine Izanagi Jingu, so it’s a good stop for lunch if you’re sightseeing in the area.

Okonomi & Dream Orenji Ringo
Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM
Address: 470-1 Taga, Awaji-shi, Hyogo 656-1521
Telephone: 0799-85-0648

How To Get There

Okonomi & Dream Orenji Ringo
From Sannomiya, take the Shinki Bus to Gunge bus station (65 minutes). From there, take the city bus about 4 minutes to Izanagi Shrine.

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