Fashion: Kobe, fashion city since 1973

Kobe City, one of the central cities in Japan, declared itself a “Fashion City” in 1973 with the aim of promoting fashion urbanization. This event soon set the standard of the city’s future image.

Now, Kobe is a city famous as a fashion center in Japan, and has its own style of fashion. This is supported by the design of clothing and beauty care area, and the famous Kobe fashion week and Kobe Collection.

Kobe collection is one of the biggest fashion shows held in Kobe.

Also Kobe has a variety of fashion events such as Kobe fashion week, Rainbow City Kobe, and more.


Simple words.

Kobe is a great place for shopping.

Is February 29th a little too early for Spring/Summer clothing? Nah, who cares? And do you want to see what real girls wear in Kobe? Here’s some pictures for how to dress for next spring/summer.  If you check all the pictures you might find your dream outfit – or girl.

more pictures HERE

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