Golden route plus Kinosaki part 3: party on the train

If you’ve had a chance to read my past blog, you probably know I love drinking. Train trips are great for drinking. You may find 2 hours and half a little bit too long to be on the train. No, no, no. You are wrong. Yes, 3 hours is a little bit too long for traveling on the train, and 1 hour is too short. If you really want to enjoy train travel, 2 to 2 and a half hours is the best length of time.

There are three important steps on a train trip if you like drinking: 1) drinking on the train, 2) eating ekiben, and 3) sleeping. This is the best combination for a train trip.

Drink, Eat, Sleep. After that hot springs are waiting for you. Oh yes, hot springs…

Oh, and another thing, I made a chart for your amount of experience of train rides in Japan. Is this your first time on a train ride? You are Beginner level for sure. Shinkansen ride?? Ok, maybe you’re Intermediate level. You’ve ridden a few times on a limited express that doesn’t have car sales in the train? You are Advanced level for sure.

a) Beginner level: you should buy all your beer and snacks at Kyoto Station

b) Intermediate level: you should buy a) plus Ekiben (lunch box) or sandwich at Kyoto Station

c) Advanced level: if you like cold beer, try buying cold beer at a train station when the train stops for 2 to 5 mins at a time. You might make it if your train exit and store location are in the right position. This is very risky, but it is nice to have cold beer. (If you miss your train, it is not my business)

Or you don’t like drinking; I am guessing you probably like reading books, right. The train is a great place to read books too, I think.

You will find your own way to have fun on a train trip.

How to get Kinosaki Onsen?

From Kyoto (JR): take the limited express Kinosaki (144 minutes). No car sales in the train
From Osaka (JR): take the limited express Konotori (160 minutes). No car sales in the train

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