Golden route plus Kinosaki part 2: Crab kingdom

Japan is proud of its four seasons, and there are always seasonal specialty dishes. Right now, the Matsuba crab are at their peak and wonderful as sashimi, grilled, or boiled. Another breath taking dish will be Tajima beef (is one of the types of black Wagyū cattle in Japan. Many Tajima cattle are born in Hyōgo Prefecture and raised as stock for famous beef such as Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef.)Thank you Wikipedia!

Ok, these are pictures that will make you want to come to Kinosaki. Next blog “Golden route plus Kinosaki part 3: party on the train” will introduce to you to how to enjoy your train ride from Kyoto to Kinosaki.

One thought on “Golden route plus Kinosaki part 2: Crab kingdom

  1. Wonderful post about Kinosaki. I’m going to Kinosaki this December and would like to try Matsuba Crab Full Course meal. Did you have yours in the restaurant? May I know how much roughly will that cost? Thinking of taking a simple meal package with my ryokan and opt to eat in a restaurant for the crab. Do you think that will be wise?

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