Calendar mystery

It was a Friday afternoon and I had a strange feeling. You know Friday. When I looked around I felt a weird feeling.

Calendars are everywhere, I mean everywhere in my office.

Ok, I want you to ask question. Help me out. How many calendars are around you at your office? Maybe 2 or 3, right??

Well, around me I have one on my iPhone, my iPad, on the desk, on my computer (right bottom corner and my outlook) and I can see at least 5 on the walls in my office. So, at lunch time I counted the calendars in my office. Guess how many we have?

52. YES, 52.

I have 36 coworkers.

This seems unusual to you, right? Tell me!!

I do NOT get it. Do we need so many and why we do put so much?

Now I have a clue today.

Because, at the end of the year we get so many calendars from our customers.

I’m guessing we don’t want to throw the calendars away, because they are a kind of gift.

So, I think we put all the calendars on the wall.

It’s very nice. Very kind and thoughtful, but

There are still too may calendars in my sight.

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