Kobe fabulous 101: under the railroad bridge

It was a Friday afternoon and I had a strange hankering for Takoyaki. In fact, I wanted some all week but between all the stuff that life consists of I hadn’t had a chance. Yes, I wanted to go to this food stand restaurant and shopping district arcade under the railroad bridge in Kobe and now it was finally time to visit.

At most culinary establishments in Japan and to the astonishment of anyone in accompaniment, I usually look for Two important things. One – the price of the beer, TWO- the most expensive thing on the menu. This is to a) hopefully get served the best tasting dish and b) get a full stomach. Simply, Takoyaki (try with dashi not sauce and mayo), and assorted Oden was the choice here. It had 6 pieces of Takoyaki and you can choose your favorite Oden (my favorite is daikon, gyushuji, and tamago). Another thing you may not know about me is that beer is a must. Why do I eat deep-fried food so much? It’s the beer. Okonomiyaki? Beer. Sushi? Beer. So? I also ordered the beer. Hold up. 250? What the heck? Oh, can I get 2 more?

Yes to the 4th beer and yes to the 2 more oden. Karashi for sure. Always karashi on my food. Also the atmosphere was a stereotypically nice touch. So did convenience play a part? Big YES.

I will see you next weekend.

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