Yuyado Kawamotoya – crab and hot springs in Kasumi!

A visit to the San’in Coastline on the Sea of Japan in northern Hyogo is mandatory for seafood lovers. Every winter visitors flock to northern Hyogo to feast on deliciously fresh crab.

This winter I enjoyed the opportunity to visit Yuyado Kawamotoya, a hot spring inn and restaurant in the town of Kasumi.

There are eight (!) baths, both indoor and outdoor, and seven guest rooms furnished in a traditional Japanese style. Each is named after the kind of wood the room is made of. One room includes a private outdoor bath.

Yuyado Kawamotoya

The real highlight is, of course, the food. We enjoyed our meal in a private room, where we were brought course after course of crab. Be forewarned – it’s a lot to eat, and it’s a busy job. I had a few crabshell-related mishaps, and the proprietress was kind enough to give me a hand.

Delicious crab

The highlight for me was delectable crab sashimi, but I also enjoyed the crab hotpot. Crab season is in winter, but Yuyado Kawamotoya serves the freshest locally-caught seafood of the season all year round, so it’s worth visiting any time of year.

Visitors to the San’in Coast should also take the opportunity to enjoy Takeno Beach and the San’in Kaigan Geopark.

Check-in: 3 PM. Check-out: 10 AM. Reservations required.
Address: 653-16 Shimonohama Kasumi-ku Kamicho Mikatagun, Hyogo Prefecture 669-6564
Telephone: 0796-36-0468
Fax: 0796-36-0613
Website: http://kawamotoya.co.jp/index.htm (Japanese only)

How To Get There

Yuyado Kawamotoya
From Kobe Sannomiya (JR): take the limited express Hamakaze to Kinosaki-Onsen (180 minutes).
From Osaka (JR): take the limited express Konotori to Kinosaki-Onsen (160 minutes).
From Kinosaki, take the San’in Honsen (JR) train to Kasumi (30 minutes). A courtesy shuttle can pick you up.

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