Kinosaki Onsen: Shogetsutei (hot springs inn)

A cross between a hot springs inn and a Western hotel.

This hotel is a good choice for travelers who are interested in a traditional Japanese experience but want the convenience and amenities offered by a typical luxury hotel. There are rooms with Western-style beds for those unaccustomed to sleeping on the floor, and eight of the rooms have individual outdoor hot spring baths for the ultimate in privacy.

They also have a 165,000-square-meter garden and a pool, jacuzzi, and sauna as well as the typical hot spring baths. There is a spa that offers aromatherapy.

Of course, the food is fancy ryokan fare – fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, the famed Tajima beef, and the mountain and field vegetables of the region. Meals are served in your room.

With 100 rooms, this hotel will not offer you the intimate experience of a small inn, but the bonuses will make up for it for some travelers. When I visited, I enjoyed the excellent service, spacious outdoor bath, and comfortable rooms.

The hotel is somewhat removed from the station, but it’s very close to several of the public baths as well as the Kinosaki Ropeway, an aerial cablecar that will take you up the mountain and give you a great view of the surrounding landscape.

Check-in: 3 PM. Check-out: 10 AM.
Address: Yushima Kinosaki-cho Toyooka-shi Hyogo Pref. 669-6101
Telephone: 0796-32-3535
Fax: 0796-32-4457
Website: Website: (English)

How To Get There

Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei
From Kobe Sannomiya (JR): take the limited express Hamakaze (180 minutes).
From Osaka (JR): take the limited express Konotori (160 minutes).
A shuttle bus can pick you up from Kinosaki-Onsen Station.

4 thoughts on “Kinosaki Onsen: Shogetsutei (hot springs inn)

    • Hi Christie,
      Shogetsutei and Kojinmari are both lovely Japanese-style lodgings, but they offer different experiences. Shogetsutei is a large hotel with all the modern conveniences, and may be better for visitors not used to traveling in Japan. Kojinmari is a tiny family-run inn with only four rooms! It depends on what kind of experience you are looking for.

    • Christie,
      Both hotels will offer high-quality Japanese multi-course meals. Tajima beef is available all year round, and crab is available only in the winter, making winter a very popular time to visit Kinosaki.

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