Genbudo Park

Awesome geological phenomenon in northern Hyogo. I took these photos in winter, but now is the perfect time of year to get out into nature!

Genbudo Genbudo Genbudo

Genbudo, a basalt rock cave, is one of the great natural wonders of Hyogo. The presence of this gigantic basalt formation will really remind you how far you are from the city. Genbudo Park is located up a hill, so you can also get a nice view of the Maruyama River. The summer season is enjoyably lush and green, but in winter, the giant cave covered with snow is magnificent. If you plan to visit the famous Kinosaki hot springs located so close, it’s worth it to stop along the way at Genbudo Park.

If you’re in northern Hyogo, I also recommend visiting these other areas of the Hyogo Geopark: Takeno Beach (beautiful in summer) and the Tottori sand dunes (another natural marvel).

Hours: 9am – 17pm
Address: 1362 Akaishi, Toyooka city, Hyogo 668-0801
Telephone: 0796-23-3821 or Toyooka Tourist Association: 0796-22-8111
Fax: 0796-24-0913
Website: (English)

How To Get There

Genbudo Park
JR Line Genbudo Station: Take a boat for 3 mins. (300yen)
JR Line Kinosaki Station: Take a taxi for 10 mins.

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