Naruto Whirlpool

Amazing scenery appears in front of your cruise ship.

This cruise will take you to see the amazing natural phenomenon of whirlpools. You will get very close to the powerful whirlpool, but it’s safe enough that you won’t be swallowed up! Current speeds are up to 20km/h, and the whirlpool may reach up to 20m in diameter. The view of the spinning whirlpool roaring and splashing is a thrill.

These whirlpools are formed by the meeting of the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean. That’s why the seafood in Akashi is so tasty, because the water contains more minerals and the hard tide is said to strengthen the fishes’ bodies.

Reservations are preferred for small groups, and the tour schedule depends on the weather conditions. The best seasons to see the whirlpools at their largest are spring and autumn.

Hours: 9am – 17pm
Address: Uzushio Dome, Fukura-ko, Minami Awaji City, Hyogo 656-0501
Telephone: 0799-52-0054
Fax: 0799-52-3081
Website: (Japanese)

How To Get There

Naruto Whirlpool Crossing
(JR, Hankyu, or Hanshin Lines) Sannomiya Station: Take a bus to Fukura bus terminal for 90 mins.
(JR Line Maiko Station, Sanyo Line Maiko-Koen Station: Take a bus to Fukura bus terminal for 60 mins.

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