Your visit will support Japan!

Hyogo in western Japan awaits your visit to support the earthquake-affected areas in eastern Japan. There’s no need to cancel your trip.

Why visit Japan now?
One member of this project is reminded of the days of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Here in Kobe, we faced a tragic reality – terrifying news and scenes of the earthquake on TV every day and many fears about the future. One night, there was a single TV program on travel – the first warm scene after the earthquake. That gave this young teenager thirty minutes of relief.

So here we are now to deliver our website hoping that someone may receive the relief that we did. Western Japan is well and waiting for your visit to expand the warmth. What we need now is the hope and guts to support the difficult recovery effort in damaged areas. We believe that your hearts and ours are together with the people who are suffering. Thank you for viewing our website, and we encourage you to keep visiting Japan.