The International Music Festival in Himeji

Open-air concert at Himeji Castle!

Himeji Castle is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as being famous as the Japanese filming location for the James Bond series and “The Last Samurai.” The International Music Festival in Himeji was held from October 8th to October 13th in 2010, and Himeji Castle had two small open-air classical music concerts at Ninomaru Garden.

It’s not easy to imagine a classical concert when you enter the Japanese castle gate, but the castle garden is lovely while the sky changes to sunset colors in the background of the stage. The little songs of the insects and wind added to the aural atmosphere in performances of Beethoven, Shostakovich, Bruch, and Schumann. It was a small, but perfectly arranged setup, and the view from the castle garden at dusk made it a lovely autumn concert.

Japanese violinist Daishin Kashimoto proposed this music festival with musicians from Armenia, France, Germany, Israel, Russia, Switzerland and Japan. All the tickets were sold out in 2010. Don’t miss out this year!

Hours: From October 8th to October 13th, 2010
Address: 68 Honmachi, Himeji-City, Hyogo 670-0012
Website: (Japanese)

How To Get There

The International Music Festival in Himeji
(JR Line, Bullet train, Sanyo Lines) Himeji Station: Walk 15 minutes north to Himeji Castle.

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