Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale: Nature & Art / Society & Art

Your visit will support the village!

I highly recommend visiting this small but very sophisticated arts festival. Enjoy not only the artwork but a complete experience in a nature-rich and historical environment. You won’t believe it’s only 30 minutes away from the city.

Funasaka village closed their small elementary school last spring due to depopulation. The village lacked young people and resources and was facing many problems without many solutions. But when the director of this Biennale focused on the village with his arts project, local residents and numerous volunteers started to revitalize the village to protect their own traditional lifestyles for the future. Your visit could be the key to this village’s success.

The general director, Mr. Tatsuya Fujii, developed the idea to connect art and the local community during his one-year stay in Germany. According to the director, he hopes for mutual inspiration among the village, the artists, and the viewers. His goal is not to be the main player, but to contribute to society and the region by providing chances for Funasaka residents and visitors to begin thinking about their community, the environment, and their future through art.

Hours: The Biennale was held from 10th October to 14th November in 2010. It will be held every two years.
Address: 2103-2 Funasaka, Yamaguchi-cho, Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo 651-1423
Website: (for 2010’s event: English/Japanese)

How To Get There

Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale
(JR Line) Nishinomiya or Sakura Shukugawa Stations: Take a Sakura bus to Funasaka-bashi stop and walk 5 mins.
(Hankyu Line) Shukugawa Station: Take a Sakura bus to Funasaka-bashi stop and walk 5 mins.

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