Hiwa no Kura (French)

Exquisite food in a rural setting. In the village of Maruyama, travelers can enjoy a comfortable stay in traditional Japanese countryside villas. The Hiwa no Kura restaurant is placed just next to the one of these villas and serves excellent French made by a chef who previously ran several restaurants in Kobe. It was his dream to open a restaurant in a rustic natural environment and use only fresh local ingredients. This restaurant will provide you complete relaxation and outstanding food. Booking before your visit is required.

Hours: 12:00- 14:00, 17:30- 21:00
Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Reservations required.
Address: 42, Maruyama, Sasayama City, Hyogo 669-2361
Telephone: 079-552-5560
E-mail: hiwanokura@osier.co.jp
Website: http://www.osier.co.jp/Hiwanokura/Hiwanokura/Welcome.html (Japanese)
Website: http://maruyama-v.jp/food/hiwa/ (Japanese)

How To Get There

Hiwa no Kura JR Line Sasayama Station: take a bus to the Sasayama city centre area, then take a taxi for about 10 mins. Taking a taxi directly from the station will take about 20 mins.

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